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USMMA KP Alumni - Chesapeake Chapter, Inc.
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Visit our website for Chapter Events Schedule (including on-line calendar) and Membership Page. Our newest page USMMA Admissions Recruiting & Industry Outreach includes great information about Academy Admissions & our "Tell America" About the USMM & the USMMA program.

Please download our latest newsletter edition(s) KP Chessie News on our News Page for complete details of all chapter events. We look forward to YOUR participation! Your interest and support are appreciated. Enjoy our photo slide shows posted for each chapter event!

Questions / comments please contact: Gary G. Hicks ' 76 - President


Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay where the Susquehanna River empties into it.The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. It lies off the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Virginia and Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay's watershed covers 64,299 mi² (166 534 km²) in the District of Columbia and parts of six states: New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. More than 150 rivers and streams drain into the Bay.

The main stem of the Bay itself is about 189 miles (304 km) long, from the Susquehanna River in the north to the Atlantic Ocean in the south. At its narrowest point near Annapolis, Maryland, the Bay is 4 miles (6.4 km) wide; at its widest point, near the mouth of the Potomac River, it is 30 miles (50 km) wide. Total shoreline for the Bay is 11,684 miles (18 804 km), and the surface area of the Bay and its major tributaries is 4,479 mi² (11 600 km²). The narrowest point of the Bay is spanned by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel spans a 23 mile (37 km) section of the Bay at near its mouth.

Baltimore - Port that built a city celebrates 300 years as gateway to the world.
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Three hundred years ago, in April 1706, the Maryland Legislature designated an area off the tip of Ft. McHenry called Whetstone Point, as the Port of Baltimore. It soon became a hub of international commerce and a thriving maritime community sprung up to keep it going. It was and still is the gateway to the world bringing in goods to be shipped by truck and train throughout the country and sending exports throughout the world.

Listen to former Congresswoman Helen D. Bentley's own words
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Mrs. Bentley said. “This Port built this city, and it continues to be an economic engine for the entire state providing well-paying jobs, tax revenues, and a host of other spin-off advantages that come from having a first-class Port in your backyard.”

United States Merchant Marine Academy
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USMMA KP Alumni - Chapter Presidents Alliance, Inc.
Fortune Center, 42 Idlewild Street, Bel Air, MD 21014
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128+ USMMA KP Alumni Chapters worldwide, working together in Mission Support to Kings Point!
“Tell America!” “Tell America About Kings Point and the U.S. Merchant Marine!

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The USMMAAF – a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization established
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Sounds of The Kings Point Regimental Band

The Alma Mater - Roland R. Fiore and Richard Ready

Kings Point Victory (Fight Song)

Taps/Eternal Father - Arr. Kenneth R. Force

National Anthem - John Philip Sousa

Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa

Official Song of The U.S. Maritime Service  
Song of the Merchant Marine
Words and Music by Lieut. (jg) Jack Lawrence, USMS, 1943
Heave Ho! My Lads! Heave Ho!  Listen:


Weather - Port of Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay
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